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I was dreading the moment that I would have to search  through the storage box for Yhavina's pictures.  I wanted to post some of them on her website. Although I knew that she was with Jesus, I anticipated a certain amount of difficulty in seeing her smiling at me again out of the past. 

While searching, I discovered three  of her journals packed away  with her photos. I read them because Yhavina did not hold her journals as personal and sometimes shared them.  Still, I braced myself.  Although Yhavina always seemed to be in good spirits,  I figured that she had written her true feelings about her ordeal.  Shockingly, I found words of life and encouragement. Only a few pages had been used in each. Yhavina had penned her faith and joy in the Lord. 

Yhavina always wanted to be a blessing.  It is for this reason that I am sharing.  Besides, I am certain that she would want me to.

Yhavina’s Heart


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Yhavina’s Faith